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Манифест Covid 19

Mirabell Hotel COVID-19 Manifesto

As a Mirabell Hotel our goal is to meet the needs of our valued guests with reliable service, applying the measures that you must take with you and the measures that must be taken as part of the Covid-19 measures.

We would like to share our hygiene measures that we have strengthened because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In our hotel, appropriate safety training was conducted for all personnel under the guidance of our General Director and the committee, which will be responsible for the implementation of further work.


The hygiene and health of our employees, as well as their knowledge of hygiene precautions, are among the most important factors, as they have direct or indirect relationships and communication with hotel guests.
The precautions and practices we have taken are as follows.

* Vehicles used by our staff on arrival and departure are disinfected BEFORE and AFTER each use. Employees who are inside the transport are required to wear masks, as well as social communication distances are observed so that the transports are filled only by 50%.

* Our employees undergo a medical examination BEFORE and AFTER work, using digital and non-contact thermometers, temperature measurements are taken and recorded on camera.
Employees feeling ill, with symptoms and high fever, receive the necessary instructions not to come to work and perform the appropriate procedures.

* The uniforms of employees are often changed and erased, and employees undergo disinfection before starting work. Employees use visors masks, masks, gloves and goggles during working hours.

* The common places used by employees are often disinfected, also in these places there are all the necessary hygiene products. Each employee, regardless of the sector in which he works, disinfects his hands and wash his hands every hour.

* Employees working in the field of cleaning, front office, as well as kitchen workers, dishwashers and others are required to wear visors masks, masks, disposable gloves in the food and beverage departments.

* In places of general use by employees, there are posters and brochures on pandemic and hygiene, in these places everyone follows the rules of physical distance.

* Each employee knows about the rules of safe physical distance between themselves and in relations with our guests. Employees in direct contact with the guests use masks as needed.

* An experienced and certified doctor works with our staff.

* All necessary health checks are carried out during recruitment.

* In case of signs of illness in the staff, all necessary measures are taken in the hospital with which we work under the contract.

* From the very beginning of the pandemic, all personnel were trained by experienced firms and medical workers regarding protection and infection conditions.

* Our employees have a hygiene certificate approved by the Ministry of MEB, as well as other necessary certificates.

* All remedies and necessary information are provided to our employees in full.

* Our employees do not wear watches, jewelry, accessories, etc.

* At the entrance of the staff there is a hygienic mat.

Guest rooms, restaurants, bars, a SPA and fitness center, meeting rooms and all other areas, kitchens, staff rooms, offices and warehouses of our hotel were thoroughly disinfected with hydrogen peroxide-based material, the action of which is known and approved.

The ozone machine is used in the right places and periodically. Disinfection procedures by professional teams will continue periodically.

Our hotel operates and uses chemicals by a chemical company that has an international reputation.

All processing processes for each place are special cleaning materials and various equipment.

• In all common rooms and toilets, much attention is paid to cleaning surfaces, door handles, handrails, elevators, elevator buttons, sinks, faucets, urinals and toilets, and diluted tablets with chlorine are used after cleaning with water and detergent. The employees working in all these jobs carry out their work wearing masks and disposable gloves.

• In all public places, in toilets and at every point where they are, there are devices and units for hand disinfection, and their maintenance is carefully monitored.

• All work with disinfection of sites is carried out in accordance with standards, depending on the nature of the surface, and all work is recorded and recorded.

• The use of elevators is also limited,
     - only family members can ride,
     - 4 people from one group
     - 2 people who do not know each other.

Instructions for use and use of the elevator are located in visible places.

• All public areas and seats were rearranged to allow for safe physical distances.

• Instructions for use of the pool, cleaning and hygiene of the pool are monitored and recorded. The chlorine content of the water in the pool is set at 1-3 ppm. This is monitored daily and storage is in progress.

• Sun beds are placed in accordance with the rule of social distance.

• Sunbeds are sanitized after each use.

• Sun loungers are disinfected with a disposable cloth at the request of the guest.


A number of additional measures have been taken regarding your entry and exit to our hotel in a safe, simple and hygienic way.

• A letter of commitment is signed informing our guests about the places where they were in the last 14 days,
  about their chronic conditions, if any, and whether Covid-19.

• Suitcases and other items will be delivered to the hotel after disinfection by trained staff, and will be delivered to our guests upon arrival.

• The services of Belboy and the parking lot were suspended, only in exceptional cases will be provided.

• All hotel guests will be required to take temperature measurements through cameras located at the front doors, and in the event of a negative situation, in accordance with KVKK laws, all necessary actions will be carried out in accordance with our action plans. Our hotel has an action plan for the Covid-19. A special isolation zone has been prepared.

• Our staff, in case, will inform our guests about the measures that we are implementing and which we have taken.

• All precautions were taken to avoid congestion at the entrance and exit of the hotel, safe distances were indicated and safe rest areas were created, if necessary, expectations.

• At the reception there are lines of social distance.

• Masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes are available upon request.

• Door cards (room keys) will be handed over to our guests in disinfected and protected cases, as guests enter the hotel, the necessary papers provided for you to fill out will be prepared in a special case and for one use only. All guest check-in procedures will take into account a safe physical distance.

• Our guests, if they wish, can contact us by e-mail before arriving at the hotel, and will be able to complete their registration procedures more securely using the online registration method.

• Our non-contact POS machines will be used within certain limits and these machines will be constantly disinfected.

• All procedures for which contact is required at check-in and check-out will be carried out in accordance with the rule of safe physical distance and properly.


  • Our goal in all of our rooms is to provide you with the conditions in which you will be in a hygienic and clean place.

  • Housekeeping personnel and cleaning managers work with masks and disposable gloves. After cleaning each room and before starting to clean the other room after washing their hands, they change their mask and gloves.

  • Effective disinfectants and bleaches are used when cleaning rooms, more attention is paid to surfaces that are constantly touched by hands, door handles, batteries, handset, remote controls from the TV, air conditioner, light switches, water heaters and minibars are disinfected after cleaning.

  • Bed sheets and towels are changed daily, while dirty ones are collected in separate bags.

  • For guests' hygiene, all paper materials in the rooms are cleaned, those that we could not clean, are covered with PVC and disinfected.

  • Minibars were evacuated for a while at our hotel.

  • Our premises are ventilated and disinfected for at least 1 hour after the completion of the cleaning process.
 . Accommodation in the rooms is carefully controlled, and after check-out, after all the disinfection procedures, we do not accept new guests for a certain period of time.

  • Room cleaning is done by masked personnel using disposable gloves for each room. In the case of Covid-19 diagnostics, towels, bedding, pillows and sheets in the guest room are collected separately, and necessary measures are taken to ensure that they are washed separately.


• The capacity of our hotel will not be fully used for a certain period, so the safe physical contact distance in our food and beverage departments is 1.5 meters and at least 60 cm between the chairs next to each other.

• Our employees meet in an open buffet in accordance with the requirements of our guests. A La Carte is provided by taking the necessary precautions for guests who wish to dine. The necessary measures were taken at bars and a restaurant with social distance and Plexiglass protection.

• All of our units in the food and beverage sections will have hand disinfection equipment, and our staff, who will give the necessary recommendations regarding the reception and use of the bandwidth at the entrances, will take responsibility.

• At all food and beverage outlets, tables, chairs, stools are located in accordance with the recommended safe distances. The restaurant, bar and the overall size and capacity of all our hotels are quite spacious.

• Tablecloths and napkins will not be used in our tables, use materials will be disposable.

• Tea and coffee machines that are used in our restaurants as self-service for a certain period of time cannot be used by guests.

• Dishes in the food and beverage departments are not washed manually, but in the dishwasher, and presentations can be made using disposable materials depending on the environment.

• General cleaning of food and drinks, as well as dining chairs, benches, stalls and all other materials will be properly cleaned at the beginning and at the end of the service, and disinfection will be carried out.


• A cleaning protocol has been prepared by management and daily monitoring is carried out by designated personnel.

• Food safety procedures are used in the preparation, processing and serving of foods.

• Food in the kitchen is stored in a clean and meal-friendly environment.

• Temperature and humidity measurements are taken and recorded in the kitchen and in available storage facilities.

• There are no physical hazards in the kitchen.

• Kitchen staff uses work clothes and personal protective equipment during work.

• The rules and hygiene training necessary to comply with the rules of the kitchen staff are held regularly.

• Witness samples are taken and recorded daily in the kitchen.

• Trash cans are available indoors in the kitchen.

• The kitchen has a warehouse for storing fragile materials.

• No one except authorized personnel enters the kitchen.

• Water used in the kitchen and in food production provides the conditions specified in the rules. Records are being kept.


• High hygienic conditions will be created in hammams, saunas, massage rooms and care areas, and their safety will be ensured using previously provided or disposable materials.

• There is a hand sanitizer at the entrance. It is guaranteed that the materials (bag, soap, shower gel, shampoo, etc.) are used disposable in appropriate places.

• Appropriate air conditions and humidity in the spa are controlled.

• All our personnel performing these services must abide by the rules established by us and disinfect themselves before and after each session, and they should and will work in masks in dry places.

• Opportunities for use in our sauna and Turkish bath are limited in accordance with hygiene conditions.

• Areas such as a sauna, Turkish bath and steam bath are limited to 30 minutes for guests. The service is provided by appointment and is recorded. After each use, control and cleaning is carried out for 15 minutes.

• Our fitness room operates on a reservation system. For reservations you must register at the reception.

• Disinfection procedures are carried out after fitness.

• Common areas such as walk-in closets, showers, toilets and all materials such as towels, bathrobes, loincloths used with wardrobes and keys are safely cleaned and disinfected.


• The temperature of each supplier arriving at the purchase is measured and recorded.

• Vendor staff and driver are provided and required to wear masks, gloves and caps.

• All transactions for the purchase and acceptance and storage of goods are recorded.

• Employees involved in the procurement and acceptance of goods use personal protective equipment.

• Employees involved in the procurement and acceptance of goods follow the rule of social distance with their suppliers and drivers.

• The department for purchasing and receiving goods has hand disinfection and a hygienic mat.

• Delivered goods and products are checked for humidity, temperature and cold.

• Refrigerators and other food products are kept in suitable conditions (humidity, cold, heat) and recorded.

• Necessary products are purchased by licensed companies (TSE, ISO, hygiene certificates) and in accordance with all standards.


• The security department acts in coordination with all departments in the relevant process.

• Management of emergency situations and risks is carried out by the security department and is recorded.

• This is intended to minimize guest searches manually, with the exception of the x-ray device.

• Reception of guests by our guests was discontinued.

• If there are guests who constantly violate social distance, all necessary measures will be taken .


• All passengers use masks in vehicles.

• Before each service, frequently contacting surfaces such as the seat, door handle, and handle are hygienic cleaned.


• Garbage cans with gray lids were placed in the areas of staff use and in the common areas of guests.
  These boxes are used only for materials such as masks and gloves, and are stored separately.

• The necessary cleaning and hygiene is carried out after disposal in places where the boxes used for the accumulation and collection of waste are located.

• Waste management is carried out and recorded by staff in accordance with the protocol prepared by the hotel.

• Waste collection is carried out with an environmental engineer and a certified company.

• Wastes are separated and collected using appropriate methods.

• Responsible personnel use gloves, bathrobes and masks during operation.


• Pest control is carried out and regularly recorded by an authorized company and competent personnel.

• Personal protective equipment is used during use. (Visor mask, masks, gloves, boots, hats, etc.)


• An emergency and potentially suspected action plan has been developed.

• People and institutions to be contacted in case of emergency are prepared in advance.

• The necessary training and information was provided to authorized personnel.

• The isolation zones inside the hotel are defined, and all hygiene and cleaning equipment are stored separately from other equipment.


• The place where our hotel is located is located in the city center, and it is very easy to get to full-fledged medical facilities.

• Our hotel has a doctor’s service and prepared action plans in case of possible cases. Detailed accounting and recording of all applications and works are being carried out.

• If you need an Ambulance, you need to recruit 184 health care facilities in emergency situations.

• All materials and products that we offer or produce for our valued guests are purchased from reliable suppliers and accepted at our facilities after all necessary control and disinfection processes. Storage conditions and production methods are carried out in extremely hygienic conditions at our facilities.

• All this in addition to a decision that will be established in accordance with certain criteria by the Republic of Turkey and provided by the competent authority. We continue to support the outbreak hygiene certification program that is passed on to travel companies by internationally recognized companies.
  The transmission of the virus epidemic (Covid-19) from person to person occurs in the form of transmission from an infected person through respiratory droplets or by direct contact. Thus, the relationship between Guests and Guests, Guests and Employees, as well as Employees and Employees, is extremely important for accommodation. As a Smart Club Hotel Mirabell , is going to meet you in the most hygienic and safe way.